How An Event Company Can Write Business Proposal For Corporate Client?


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An event company can create a formal and organized business proposal to entice a new corporate client - this report should include information about how the event company can help the corporate client arrange a:

  • conference
  • public relations event
  • corporate retreat
  • holiday party
In order to capture the interest of a new client, a proposal should have perfect spelling, grammar and punctuation - it should also have some creative elements, such as tables, diagrams, or photographs that help to inspire a new client.

Preferably, an event company should have tangible experience preparing events for corporate clients - any references, credentials, and achievements should be listed on the business proposal, as these will make the prospective corporate client take an event planning company more seriously.

Getting the right contact information for a potential corporate client will ensure that your business proposal arrives on the right desk. Network aggressively on business networking sites, such as LinkedIn - build new connections with the types of people who will be more likely to buy your even planning services. Then, send a brief, introductory email explaining who you are and what your company can offer. If you can, link your email back to pictures or articles about a prior event you organized. Use the Internet to connect and promote, and then send formal proposals to your new contacts.

A business proposal should always contain current contact information, including your company website URL, your telephone numbers, and your email addresses. You should personalize your business proposal by addressing it to one key member of the company, such as the Marketing Director. Use a cover letter to place on top of your proposal - this should be a brief overview of what you proposing. Once you get the hang of writing business proposals for corporate clients, you will find they are a very effective way of drumming up new business for your event company.
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If you're an event management company providing event planning
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