What Types Of Tests Are Performed In Web Testing?


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GUI Testing
Functional Testing
Security Testing
Database Testing
Browser Testing
Compatibility Testing
Performance Testing
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Web testing is a method of discovery and correction of errors related to intranet and internet activities demanded of computer software. Web testing software tools are used to test websites, web browsers and web pages for response, functionality, and delivery of services.

If, you have a personal website you want the site to be the best it can be. Therefore, you test the site for load time, how quickly the site opens from the time click a link and the page is in full view. You test its appearance, are the images vivid, did appear immediately are did they drag as they opened. You check all the links to be sure they are working properly.
All of these things can be tested with testing software for performance and functionality. Not all testing of software is done by the experts, they create software so we can do a lot of testing or our own.

Tests can be run on browsers to make certain they are working properly and respond to the commands from your computer. There are hundreds of tests for computer software in your computer and hundreds of reasons why web testings is performed. If, you type the words web tesing tools into your browser search bar you receive a very lengthy list of websites each having many software products for web testing. Each piece of software will test for different things, create list of errors and tell you how to correct the errors or will correct the errors when you click the correct errors button on the screen.

Web testing is done to keep a computer working properly and to correct errors, which are causing problems of funtionality. For instance after working on the internet it is a good idea to run a program such as Adware. This tool will test your computer for invalid entries in your computer registry and correct any errors discovered there. Spyware software will do this also. These are testing tools for the prevention of unwanted entries caused by spies attacking your computer unknown to you. The goal of a computer owner is to keep the system healthy and testing, often will prevent and correct damages, which could be costly over time.

I learned early in my computering to work with care on the internet, because as I was working, my computer suddenly went black and the result was a new system, mine had been stolen right before my eyes with all my articles and other work.

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