How Can I Spot A Letter Bomb?


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With the recent spate of letter bombs in the UK and the famous UnaBomber in the USA, being able to spot a letter bomb in advance of its explosion can save lives.

The sooner you identify a suspect package, and manage to call out the authorities the better!

How to spot a letter bomb

Letter bombs are highly-dangerous packages. I'd recommend trying to look at the suspicious package carefully.

Examine the package or letter and ask yourself the following questions:
  • Is it oddly weighted?
  • Does it have strange lumps and bumps?
  • Are there things sticking out of it?
Examining a suspect package should always be done very carefully, preferably at least at arms-length.

How to deal with a suspect package

Other questions you may want to ask yourself when faced with an unusual looking package include:

  • Does the package have a stain?
  • A funny smell?
  • Wires?
  • Lots of packing tape around it?
  • Is the package unexpected?
  • Does it have a return address?
If there's a return address, you may want to contact the sender and verify exactly what the package is meant to be with them first.

A very common sign of a letter bomb is too much postage, as the bomber isn't likely to take it to the post office, so they over-postage the bomb.

If you feel that something is out of the ordinary, I'd recommend that you simply leave the room, evacuate the building and call the police.

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