On Which Website Can I Find Information About Jobs For BDS Graduates In The Indian Railways?


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I understand a BDS degree, in India is the Bachelor of Dental Surgery and therefore you are qualified to work as a dental surgeon in India. I went to the Railway Recruitment Board website to see, if there are any job listings, there are not at this time. I suggest you go to the sight and complete an application, to make your qualifications known. This will allow you to use this site to search for jobs online and to be contacted through the Baord as well.
The site is

I located, another job search site called 123 for careers in India. You can search for jobs all over India from this site. However, you also can submit your resume, to this site for employers to view and contact you. Here you will find Articles on doing a job search, how to get and succeed in an interview and much more. There is a Placement Consultant Directory and jobs for Freelancers, which is something to look at as a temporary source of income. This site is good:

You can also enter the word Dental Surgeon jobs/India, into our search bar and a list of websites with potential jobs, should be made a available to you. Good Luck!
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For getting all updates regarding the job is BDS, candidates
need to visit the job portal of Monster India and search and apply for the best
jobs. There candidates will be able to find some of the top jobs job based on
locations, skills and others. At Monster India, candidates can avail the
benefits of resume writing services, job alert services and many ore. Visit the
job portal and upload your resume to avail the benefits.

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Hello. About 1.5 million people are employed in the field of rail transportation and railway maintenance in India. Many people are looking for work in India in various ways. For example, they pay for search assistance for recruiting agencies. Or use job search sites like people do in other countries - The applicant is required to speak English.

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