Is Qatar Airways A Good Company To Work For?


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No, it is definitely not.
Very bad management and HR, unprofessional and treat employee like slave.
Never work for them.
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Qatar airways are world renowned as being one of the only 5 star commercial airways in the world. I have flown many times and can only give my opinion but the staff from the check-in to the flight-attendants all seemed very happy and cheery, so they must be doing something right. I have flown with British airways several times and this is the opposite. So to compare the 2 without working for them I would have to say yes to your question, if a company isn't good to work for this reflects in work, all I have to say in conclusion is that Qatar airways is the best airline I have flown with,with the best crew. Hope this helps.
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It's up to you. You need to work and read some best reviews on the best reviews sites for travelling like Trip Advisers etc.

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