Can You Explain The Working Of A DIGITAL TWIN SPARK IGNITION (DTSi) System?


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Aditya Kalra answered
Dtsi is digital twin spark plug ignition in this system there are two spark plugs preasent in the cylinder and two times spark occurs so as to increase the efficiency and to reduse the wastage of the fuel this system working rightly in bajaj pulser
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Dtsi is technology in which two spark plugs are used for igniting the more efficiently so that no wastage of fuel occurs.
Kanha Chachondia Profile
By using two spark plugs the combustion of fuel can be done more efficiently, Minimum residual particles inside the cylinder, the expansion or the power stroke produces comparatively more power than in simple 4-s petrol engines The chances of getting partially fuel particles is minimum and the strokes obtained are smoother.
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Two spark plug are used,more efficiency and no wastage of fuel.
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Carry Niggan answered

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AMAR DESAI answered
Well this the recent revolutionary technology in the biking world which gives the engine the easier life to live!!!! This technology has been invented by the biking giant BAJAJ LTD, in that the engine contains 2 spark plug which does not keep even a single particle of the fuel unburnt and also smooths the exhaust stroke which in turn gives a very effective power stroke and also reduces the unnecessary use of the fuel!!!!! In other words overall it improves the mechanical efficiency.

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