What Is A Collision Domain And Broadcast Domain?


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The term collision domain is defined as a logical network segment. In a collision domain, the packets of data collide with one another when they are sent on a medium which is shared. One of the most well-known examples of a collision domain is the Ethernet networking protocol.

The term collision domain is used by Ethernet to describe the type of network scenario in which one device sends a packet of data on a network segment. This forces every other device on that segment to pay attention to it.

On the other hand, the term broadcast domain is also defined as a logical network segment. However, in a broadcast domain, any of the computers or the other devices which are connected to the network can directly transmit to any of the other devices or computers in the domain without going through a routing device simply by using the same subnet, the same gateway address and the same default VLAN or installed VLAN.
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A collision domain is a domain, where the two or more network stations transmit data at the same time, in the share network environment, thus network collisions occurs.

A broadcast domain is a domain, where the broadcast is flooded.

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