What Is A Static Class And What Is The Difference Between Static And Instanciate?


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In computer language static refers to stationary or fixed, such as programming language, Website pages, and to application programs. If, you click on a hyperlink or when type into your browser a URL like( The server of the website sends the HTML document to your computer and your browser displays the site you requested. This is all the static webpage can do. You can click on other links within the website from the navigation bar and get other static webpages within that site. Or, maybe you will get a page, which is a dynamic page, because here the page, may include a form for you to complete and return to the website. Or, all the pages within the website may be static webpages. Pages you read and then leave.

In computer language instantiate not instanciate is used in object oriented programming. A programmer instantiates by creating a real instance thus defining a variation of an object within a class. The programmer gives the instance a name and places it in a physical place.  A programmer does this to create and executible file, which can run in a computer.

The use of the word class is used instead of the word object, which is really what it is, but not in Java. This can be confusing because the programmer instantiates a class, to create a specific class. This specific class is also an executible file, that can be run in a computer.

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