How To Call To Mexico From California?


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To call Mexico from California first the international number is 011 then the country code is mostly 52 (Baja for sure) then if it is a cell phone you need to dial 1 then the area code mine is 646 (Ensenada {Baja California}, Mexico). Then the reg 7 digit number 999-9999.
So recap: 011 52 646 999-9999 {{calling a residence or business}}
011 52 1 646 999-9999 {{calling a cell}}
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Yooti Bhansali answered
To call Mexico, simply follow the given instructions:

Find out what time it is in the locality. Many regions in Mexico are roughly in the same time zone as the USA. Also find out if there is daylight savings time.

Dial the code 011, which is the international access code. Find out if there is another way to call Mexico.

Dial the code 52, which is the Mexican country code.

Dial the code for the city you want to call. Codes for principal cities are Mexico City – 55, Tijuana – 664. Ensure that the city code and the number add up to ten digits.

Some things to remember: If you face a problem during the call or are not able to get through, you can dial 00 for the international operator and request to be connected.

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