I Have A Hobart M Cable Co Player Piano, Serial #79599. When It Was Manufactured, Its Value (with Accompanying Music Rolls) Was How Much?


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Your Hobart M. Cable Co. Player Piano, Serial #79599, was manufactured in the year 1923 and its value (with the accompanying music scrolls) was approximately $5, 000. The Hobart M. Cable Co. was established in the city of Laporte in the state of Indiana in the United States of America in the year 1911.

The Hobart M. Cable Co. Player Piano, Serial #79599, like all the other musical instruments which are or have been manufactured by the Hobart M. Cable Co. is known for the high quality of the tones which are produced by it, which is remarkably sweet and pure. This tone quality is combined with awesome power which is unusual. The construction of the piano is known for its solidity and compactness.

Another salient feature of the Hobart M. Cable Co. Player Piano, Serial #79599, is its scale (which is defined as the scientific basis of its quality), which is of an even, unbroken and satisfying kind.
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I plan on purchasing a Hobart M Cable *Chicago* Cabinet Grand Upright #12142. Can you tell me how old it is?
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I have a hobart m. Cable player piano with rolls no. 84072 when was this made and how much is it worth. It still plays

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