Hello guys! Do you know any other question and answer site because Tom Jackson want me to leave this site the reason is that I hate abusive language and I protest this?


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Megan goodgirl answered

I just know this site but there may be another one if you google and search.

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I would not leave a site cause of someones difference of opinion just
plain ignore that person and pretend they don't exist that's all you can
do and most of the abusive language is due to them spammers are making
people become angry with one another and soon this site will be
history..I refuse to argue with spammers, i refuse to tolerate hate my
health is more important and i just totally ignore stuff that bothers me.

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Willie B. good answered

Just Google it and you'll find a few new question-and-answer sites out there, as for the abusive language well that's just part of the package here at blurtit, my suggestion... Put on your big girl panties and don't let another user push you around.

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music  lover
music lover commented
Thank you @darren you are sweet person :)
Straight Edge  Society
You're Welcome @music lover and you seem like a sweet person yourself :) I treat all people as equal no matter who
they are :)
Willie B. good
Willie B. good commented
Far from rude!!! You just got told the truth and didn't like what you were told. If you don't like the language that's being used hear you don't have to keep coming back.
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Tom Jackson answered

@Music lover.

I dare you to post the link to the page that contains what you call my abusive language to you.

And the fact that you can tell the difference between my pointing out that you could leave this site rather than stay here and be offended just shows you don't understand the American language.

Someone suggested you put on your big girl panties.  I don't know your gender, but that's good advice.

We will not cut down all the roses just because flowers offend you.

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music  lover
music lover commented
First I had not say that you say something abusive to me
music  lover
music lover commented
Read question again :)
Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
My response to you was about your dislike of what you called abusive language on this site.

And again, you lied when you said I wanted you to leave this site---I simply said that if you didn't like what you read on this site, you could leave.
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Frustrated folks who cannot cope always resort to abuse.  You go ahead and say what's needs to be said irrelevant of opposition.

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Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
The first sentence in your response is unsupportable, although it may be true for you. (Confirm or deny if you wish.)

Perhaps you are confusing it with the "frustration aggression hypothesis" from psychology.

(Note the word "hypothesis.")
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Ray Dart answered

Mr Jackson and I have frequently had "differences" - occasionally quite strong ones. He has always maintained a level of civility and good manners throughout.  I do not believe he has been abusive.

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Call me Z answered

It was your choice to come here, it’s your choice to stay or leave.

If you stay, you’ll have to deal with whatever words people will use here, no one owes you special deference because you may not like how things are said. Scroll past it.

Your claim about Tom is inconsistent with his history. He’s always been thoughful and well mannered. I doubt he puts much weight on your presence here, one way or another. 

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