How to review and change Quicken’s tax-related categories? Hello, I want to change my Quicken’s tax-related category, but I don’t know how to change it. So, if anyone knows how to change it please help me.


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Shirley Massy answered

Choose Tools menu > Category List.

The Tax Line Item column shows which categories
are tax-related, and the tax line item linked to each.

Click action icon (the Action icon) and then choose Edit to
assign the tax line item linked to a category.

Tip: If you don’t
see the Tax Line Item column, click gear icon (the Gear icon) and choose Tax
Line Item.

You may find that Quicken doesn’t have all the tax-related categories
you need. For example, if you subscribe to certain periodicals that are related
to the production of tax-related income, you may want to create a category to
track that information in Quicken.

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