iPhone X water damage?


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not good news. I'm probably the first to have water damage on his iPhone X.

As always, I cleaned my iPhone with a moistened microfiber cloth.

A few hours later, the screen suddenly froze when I received a push message. After a reboot, I noticed that the touch screen is not responding.

Could there be a water damage now?

At that time I regularly washed my iPhone 7 on the sink (!). Zero problems and still works.

My iPhone X just "dabbed".

I do not expect that the iPhone is waterproof, which it is not, but only that it is splash-proof, which is probably not the case with me.

For example, with an LCD screen, the backlight would be off.

That's not the case with an OLED.

Face ID still works great. Raise to Wake works.

The screen brightness is at maximum as always.

Hardware reset or similar did not do anything.

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