Should I call a company I made an online application to almost a week ago for a confirmation e-mail notifying me that I got the job, when I'm applying for an online stay-at-home job and a message they sent me saying they get a lot of applications?


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I don't mean to seem impatient, I'm just wondering if this would work or not. I'm the asker, by the way.

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Why would you ask for a confirmation of something they didn't say?

They said they get a lot of applications ... NOT that you got the job.

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Jerome Robinson
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First, I already know they didn't say I got the job, and second, I'm just wondering if it'll work or not, I didn't say I'll make this move. I'll probably call though to see how things are going with my application though.
Walt O'Reagun
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Why would you ask "for a confirmation email notifying" you that you "got the job", then?

Sure, call and follow up on your application.
But to ask for a confirmation email that you got the job - as your question states - is ridiculous.
Jerome Robinson
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What I'm saying is I'm asking if you can. And as I said, I'm just wondering if it works. It's not meant to be ridiculous, I'm just trying to get confirmation if I can or can't.

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