How to select category in wordpress?


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Kriti Sharma , Category in Wordpress, answered

Appearance - Menu - Categories - Select categories and add to menu.

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Ronnie Rajput , How to create category in Wordpress, answered

It is to simple firstly go to your dashboard. Click on posts and then under the add new you see categories option. Click on it enter further details and click on add new category.

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Mary Martin answered

is free of cost. It's open-source, meaning all of its codes are
accessible and customizable by anyone willing to do so and it comes
with various themes and plugins which are also suitable to ecommerce
store also.

To Select the category > Go to Appearance - Menu > Click on Categories > select categories and then click on Add to Menu button.

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Brian Griffin answered

I recommend to search video tutorials in Youtube. For example this:

If you don't have any skills in WP and coding I can recommend to use ready-made template for website creation. For example I created great website for biker club with this template design and functionality are great. On this website you can find theme for website for any niche.

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