My boyfriend of 3 years dumped me over text on New Years Eve and later I uncovered that he cheated on me during our relationship twice (kissing other women). Now he wants me back. Am I a fool to believe him? Can trust be rebuilt?


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Trust can be rebuilt if the regret is sincere. Him doing it twice however doesn't show much regret. It'll always be in the back of your mind that he didn't just cheat but he cheated twice. I'd say move on life is too short.

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Well I've answered this already, what do you want us to say, stay with him and suffer?

I think you should stay with him and forgive him every time he cheats on you with another woman.

I think you should get a t-shirt that says "WELCOME" and should lay down and let him wipe his feet on you when he comes in.

I think you should live in that constant fear that his cheating because you love him.

I think you should accept that he likes to kiss other women because you are not enough for him.

I think you should risk getting the sexually transmitted diseases that he'll give you when he decides that just kissing other women isn't enough, and receive them as if you are receiving the best Christmas present ever, and actually clap all the way to the clap clinic.

Feel the loss, and move on Carly, before you waste anymore time on this jerk.  Ring your girlfriends and meet up, lean on people that will support you instead of dating this man that won't.  It will hurt in the short-term, but it will be the best thing you do in the long-term.  I was so glad that I never stayed with that guy who I dated for four years, in hindsight I realised the relationship had ended a long time before it had ended, and I'm so glad ended.  Its been a long time since then, but today I am with a wonderful man, who is kind, patient, funny, and thoughtful.  There are other good men out there waiting to meet you, but they can't while you tie yourself to him.

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When someone shows you who they really are......believe it! Someone like this doesn't deserve a second chance, and you DEFINITELY deserve better.

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You could take him back, but as soon as he thinks something better comes along he will dump you again.  And as far as having good memories,  that may be true. But some of those were made while he was lying and cheating on you. Move on and find someonewho will respect you. You can do this by respecting yourself.

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Although "Kissing" is not 100% percent cheating . . It is the "intent" that counts. Obviously he intended on the kissing to be just the beginning . . . Remember . . . It is best to be clear the status of a relationship. Perhaps he didn't know you were 100% exclusive . . . Hence the need for clear definition of what the expectations of the relationship SHOULD Be/Mean to both of you.

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Didn't you already ask this and receive several responses?

If someone cheats on you, then why do you feel you should stay with them? He cheated not once but twice. Make your decision as you see fit, but twice implies a pattern to me.

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Carly Stroud
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If it bothers you so much that I asked the same question, just ignore it. My relationship is far more complicated than you would believe. He controls and manipulates me. It's not easy getting out of an emotionally abusive relationship when you live with the guy. If you have never been in one, you wouldn't know. I just needed to hear some positivity. Maybe I wanted someone to say that kissing behind my back isn't a huge deal. The more encouragement I get to end things, the more likely I will. Sorry that I just needed to be pushed a bit and also thank you for being honest with me
Danae Hitch
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I have been in an emotionally abusive relationship. Secondly, when we see a user posting the same question over and over again, we will bring it either to your attention or to the Mod's attention.

Nowhere in your question did you say "kissing only". Nowhere did you tell anyone it was an emotionally abusive relationship.

No one is going to give you positive comments in regards to this situation. You know your trust has been broken, not once but twice. Your future is up to you.
Carly Stroud
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Thanks for helping me screw my head on properly again! I know what I need to do! All these passionate reactions from everyone just confirms it! Thank you

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