Hi! Working on my graduating project. Need to collect memories. Feel free to be as detailed or vague as you want! All anonymous, of course. 1. What's your earliest memory?


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I believe my earliest memory was when I was three or four years old. I had just woken up from a nap to realize that the house was oddly quiet. I went downstairs to check and walked into the small TV room we had. My stepfather was seated with a couple friends. I looked at the television (which I think was off) and shouted "Jesus!" because I thought I had seen Jesus on the TV. I remember my stepfather laughing and crying because I didn't talk much as a child and now my first word is considered to be "Jesus". We weren't even a religious family, hahah.

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I was probably about two years old (around 1949).  I remember being in my stroller.  There were wooden beads of different colors across the tray.

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