Favorite FPS game?


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Left4Dead, both 1&2. 

Oh!  And Halo!  Halo was the first FPS I played, and made me a fan.  I just really like to blow stuff up, and Halo has fun grenades.

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Water Nebula answered

Overwatch and Primal Carnage Extinction

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Carl Marx answered

If you are asking favorite than my answer is Counter strike and it will be forever in my favorite list.

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My fav FPS game is CS GO. I playing it almost every day. Also I like to collect skins there. My friend recently shared with me this csgo gambling sites where you can get new skins and a lot of other stuff. The coolest thing about it that you can sell it and earn some extra money. So you play games and have possibility to earn some money that's the hobby I really like!

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