Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?


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I've always been the guy behind the camera. That's probably why there are so few pictures of me.

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Kedy Sem
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The same here. I also like to be behind the camera.
Kedy Sem
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That's why i could not make videos. But I do write blogs.
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I was cast for a minor role in a TV series when I was 7, Then I did some theater at 13,

And couple of years ago while I was on a trip with my family, some people from TV approached us and asked us what we thought of their city ( we were at a historical sight) so I gave the interview and during the interview I yelled at a guy who was standing too close to move away, I didn't think they would show me or the interview at all, but they did, ALL of it and it went viral for a couple of days :/

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I prefer to be behind the camera, but I usually end up being in front of it.

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Behind the cameras 🎥📽📷🎬📹📼

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