Like the TV show, would volunteer to spend 60 days in jail?


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Um, heck no but thanks for asking!!

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Never seen the show and have no desire to be in jail for one day, let alone 60. I'll pass.

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What do i win??

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I wouldn't survive the strip search and toilet time!

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And no cameras either! I just recently was mortified when I came OUT of a public restroom and saw a disturbing thing.... there was an awkwardly placed mirror at the exit CEILING which read "this is only a mirror. No surveillance equipment." I took pictures of the dang thing! There is literally NO point in this "mirror" so to get through the humiliation I now swear there is a DVD out there called "Baby got back and then some" and I WANT MY ROYALTIES FOR THE THING! I mean if my butt is the star I deserve the flippin MONEY! LOLOLOLOL!
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You hit the nail on the head. LOL
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I watch that show, and could never be a participant  That prison/jail is across the bridge from us (meaning Louisville, ky) in Indiana.

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The YMCA gave tours for the kids at local "businesses."  I went on a tour to the local city jail.

I was only 10 and we never saw an inmate.

But those bars and locks scared the bejesus out of me.

Absolutely not!

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