Is TV ๐Ÿ“บ a big influence in your life?


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Ancient Hippy Profile
Ancient Hippy answered

Only when football is on, then it rules my life.

otis campbell Profile
otis campbell answered

Football and crime shows like snapped

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Yin And Yang
Yin And Yang commented
I remember SNAPPED! LOL!
My friend at the time swore she would find me on that show one time!!!
Jann Nikka
Jann Nikka commented
LOL omg
Yin And Yang
Yin And Yang commented
Yah that was a long time ago.... if she would have stuck around she would have seen he had to get WORSE before he could get better! LOL! She would have really thought I would have snapped then!
Zack -  Mr. GenXer Profile

Sure, but not to watch movies.At this point in my life, I tend to watch programs to educate myself on a plethora of subjects.

Didge Doo Profile
Didge Doo answered

Probably less than most. We no longer even bother with TV for the news and weather; there are more reliable sources available on line.

Rooster Cogburn Profile
Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Not too much. Just don't have time any more for it. I will watch movies and I love watching River Monsters and Football when I have time. Regular network TV ? No thank you.

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Jann Nikka
Jann Nikka commented
๐Ÿณ yep ๐Ÿ‹ he ๐Ÿฌ does ๐ŸŸand some ๐Ÿ  scary ones ๐Ÿก
Rooster Cogburn
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He has reels with computers on them for depth and length of line out and everything. Big buck stuff.
Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
Wow---I need to pay more attention on the new season.
Yin And Yang Profile
Yin And Yang answered

My TV watching is Thomas and Friends, Paw Patrol and Pokemon right now! :0)

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Jann Nikka
Jann Nikka commented
Me too.
Yin And Yang
Yin And Yang commented
LOL! Fun memories! :0)
My oldest was into "Barney" "Land before time" and Lion king. My second was into "Care Bears" and "Spongebob." My third was "My little Pony." And Jr is what I just answered. LOL! I can still put on an old video and remember the girls singing the song or dancing or mimicking or some sort of fun moment shared. :0)
Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
They're all good memories to keep but I'd like to shoot Barney.
Darling Divaa Profile
Darling Divaa answered

No.  I am almost always outside when not working. There's nothing like the sights and sounds of nature to entertain and teach you...

Nealious James Profile
Nealious James answered

Jan! Not at all, and that's mostly due to the fact that I barely watch anything
on TV! Every now and then I will keep track of the news, but thatโ€™s all it is
really. Considering that I use my smartphone, tablet or laptop most of the
time, I do end up viewing most of my stuff on these platforms. Itโ€™s simply more

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