How many times do you e-mail someone and not get a response before you just give up?


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Ancient Hippy answered

Once or twice. I usually give it a little time because some people don't check their email too often.

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Barb Cala answered

Probably twice, but it all depends on the person.  I would call them or text them if I had problems reaching them via email too.

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Jann Nikka answered

3x max, if I really like you,  1 phone call, l leave a message, no call or text within 24 hours, I delete their number.

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Virginia Lou answered

Dear Rooster,

I would never give up because of unresponded e-mail...too many potential glitches in the system such as the spam folder, computer on the blink, etc.

Actually I don't really give up anyway; the person could be in a depression or in trouble or some other reason. I prefer to look a fool chasing after someone who is trying to get rid of me rather than give up when they might really need me or something.

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Cindy  Lou
Cindy Lou commented
I like this answer virginia :)
Virginia Lou
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Hi Sincerity, hi Didge...

yes DS Narfolk I also see e-mail as something to keep "cleaned up"...but various people's minds work in different ways, too...
So I might send a colorful greeting card, or a hand-written note with an anecdote...inquire of mutual friends if it goes on too long, until I feel comfortable I know what is going on.
Virginia Lou
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Agreed, me too!
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PJ Stein answered

Twice. Sometimes people will open it  and read it, but have something going on and plan to get back to it, but somehow don't. A second email will bring back to the front. If they don't reply after that, not worth my time and effort.

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Lard Ass answered

I don't email a lot, just occasionally (with the exception of one person) I'm really bad about it! :)

But I will respond if one is sent to me!

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Jaimie JT answered

I'm really bad for reading  emails and texts and planning on responding later ... Then my mind goes in a million directions and I forget :/ your  friend could be the same and just a tad scatter brained :) anyway ... I have one friend who will always re email or text me saying " just checking in to see how ignoring my text / email is going ??? " that usually gets my attention . .. Try that then :)

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Well that would depend what it is I am trying to contact them about.  If it's just to say "Hi" .. They really don't have to respond, although it would be nice.  If it's to collect money they owe me .. I would keep trying to reach them.  If it's to ask them a question, I would try other means of contacting them.  If it's to invite them to do something and they don't get back to me in time, I'll move on.

In any event .. I won't hold it against them if they don't get back to me when it's convenient for me. I may be disappointed .. But, that's my problem.  I don't live in the falicy that other people's lives revolve around mine.  If we hook up .. We hook up .. If not, so be it. Their loss.

.. Unless it's mine .. That's if they owe me money!

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Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
I do have it set up that way. Who knows with some people. Usually, I'm just being friendly and keeping in touch.
Bikergirl Anonymous
Have you checked your junk folder to see if they have responded and it's been curtailed into that vault in "nomansland".

Another thought .. the message still may have not found it's way to it's intended recipient if someone in their household reads their emails .. Although it may register as being read, it still may not have been read by the one you sent it to. In any event .. it probably would be pointless to continue to repeat the task more than a couple of times.
Jann Nikka
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Matt Radiance answered


I won't try too much because i panic if it bothers them. I hate to be a bothering checkpoint to someone. I believe if someone be interested in interacting they'll find their way one way or another.

However, if i have a closer relation to someone and we've had continuous connection, if i don't hear from them in days or more. I pick up a trail. Every few day i send them a new message. I show my concern over their absence and make them sure that i'll be there as much as my hands be open and powers allow me through anything they're going through. So this way, if even they weren't seeing messages in a while, when they back, they'll know at least i haven't just forgotten them.

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Didge Doo answered

There could be any number of reasons for the not replying, ranging from me accidentally clicking the wrong address to them not wanting to to continue an on-line friendship.

So, twice, unless it's important to try again.


It just occurred to me, hours after posting this answer, why you had asked this question. I'd still go for two. If they refuse to respond after that then other action might be necessary.

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Cindy Lou answered

I don't worry about it.

I have a friend who doesn't feel well most the time, and sometimes I will email 6 times before he sees it. They're words of encouragement and seeing if he's okay . That would be pretty selfish of me to take that personally when I know he has other things besides me to worry about.

Another friend of mine-she and I have an understanding... If we don't hear from each other that it doesn't mean anything bad towards the other unless we SAY it does. We know she and I will be there for each other no matter what.

I really never expect an answer from anyone.

If I don't expect it, then I don't get disappointed.

There have been a few  times I don't see someone's email and I never want their feelings to be hurt just because I  don't see it on this tiny phone.

If it's an emergency, I will call them instead if I have their number.

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Tom  Jackson
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"That would be pretty selfish of me to take that personally when I know he has other things besides me to worry about."

Pretty good statement.
Virginia Lou
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Sincerity I like your answer know what, because any really good friendship does not require maintenance...
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Tom Jackson answered

If I have occasion to email someone on a personal level, I always already have other ways of getting in touch with them; so I can always confirm whether or not they got the email I sent.

All other emails get two shots at most.

Usually just one unless I have more than a passing interest in the subject about which I am inquriing.

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Danae Hitch answered

It depends on the person. If I know the person has something going on in their life - family illness, etc. - then I might cut them a little slack. But I'm with everyone else on the "twice" answer. I don't need friends that badly to sit around waiting for someone to remember to answer me back.

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