Have you had any real "Must See TV" shows that you tried not to miss?


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I'm hooked on Wayward Pines and can't miss it. The second season just ended, now I have to wait for the next season.

Vikings is another show that I can't miss. It's now in between seasons for that show too.

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Ancient Hippy
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You're getting rid of ATT? What are you going with now?
HappyTo BeHereTo
HappyTo BeHereTo commented
Consumer Cellular. Our bill will go from $130 a month to $65. The coverage will be the same, and I'll have plenty of data. I rarely use data, except for maps when traveling.
The customer service I found irritating and very unhelpful at ATT.
We looked in Consumer Reports, and went with their top choice.
Ancient Hippy
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Cutting your bill in half is awesome, especially when you don't sacrifice service. Sounds like a win win situation.
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I had started Stargate SG:1 awhile back that I've been obsessed with. I can't really miss it because it ended.

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Cindy Lou answered

I used to like Nurse Jackie until they ended the show. I really want to get into one of these shows but there's so many now I can't keep up with when they're on.

I must be the only one in the world who doesn't watch Game of Thrones. People really get into that show as if they are real live people and not characters.

But I would love to get started watching a few to follow so if anyone has any recommendations please feel free to give them to me. (I was watching Walking Dead but after that final episode on the last season...ugh... It was so stupid I am not going to watch it anymore when it comes back in October.)

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Matt Radiance
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I never watched Game of Throne! you're not alone!
However, i really love The Walking Dead! it's an epic show!
I need to add, i always "live" any show that i watch. if i don't do that i can't cope with the show! i live it as close as i get wet when it rains inside the show. i become a character myself! i live and breath the atmosphere.
Cindy  Lou
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You need to be a script writer Matt . That's the type of writing they're looking for -people that can bring that out in people.
Matt Radiance
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Flattering suggestion!!!!! you always encourage me for writing!
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Jann Nikka answered

Rizzoli & Isles will miss👧👩.

Major Crimes💁

Law and Order SVU🕴

Blood Bloods 👮

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Matt Radiance answered

Every show that i picked to watch became a "Must see TV show" i never picked anything that fails me! Never happened yet!

My top three that lived them with every second of my life.

1.24 / 2.Lost  / 3.Prison Break

The rest:

-The 4400  -Jericho  -Spartacus  -Fringe  -Touch

/ Defiance and V are the ones i really loved to keep watching unfortunately got too busy and lost the updates, however i never gone too crazy to catch time for it whatsoever! But for

The Waking Dead! I will find time whatsoever! It's one of the shows that never going to be repeated in ages! Epic,unique and special.

Currently looking after a show called "Turn" it's about U.S history and our independence. It really excited me. Haven't started it yet!

Also exciting about Designated Survivor in advance since my favorite actor Kiefer Sutherland playing it.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

One is no longer airing on HBO and that was : Boardwalk Empire but I still watch : Ray Donovan on Showtime because Jon Voight is always pulling some scam. Pretty  good show.

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