what makes a good photographer?


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To add to understanding and getting the most of your equipment, composition is key.  A poorly framed shot can make the most beautiful subject dull.  Conversely, a very simple or common object can be made eye catching and interesting when caught just right.  If you research "how to frame a shot,"  you'll find many lessons on focal point, framing and composing.  Here's one to get you started.


Have fun!  Photography is a great hobby. 

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1.Passion & love 2.Education & knowledge 3.Profession & improvement 4.Talent & natural instincts 5.Equipment & tools 6.Practice & constant training 7.Viewing & observation.

When you have passion and love you get motivated to educate yourself and study it's profession to improve your knowledge's scale to higher levels. It all works better when you have natural instincts and talent from the within. For a better and comfortable connection to your work, the best is to make the right equipment available. Constant practice keeps you on the track and gives you speedy improvements and as a photographer you need observation skills to view, analyse and catch the best moments related to the cycle of your work.

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I'm giving you my personal opinion as a photographer.  Good equipment is certainly important.  I think the best trait in a good photographer is a good eye.  See the picture you are attempting to capture. Many of us see what we are looking at as a picture. 

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Good equipment and learning to make movies with great scenes like this !

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Dear Ryan,

Empathy is very helpful...two photos from the 2011 tsunami in Japan; when thousands died, here is a soldier's joy at the miracle rescue of a four-month-old baby girl after four days in the rubble. Second photo, a rescue worker reunites a man with his dog.

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Focus. You need to find what message you want to convey and focus on that. Good pictures are not all cluttered, but have something to focus on.  In the picture that Virginia Hoyt is using as an example with the soldier and the baby, they are the focus. They have color and light in a photo that is otherwise drab and solemn. That picture conveys hope in time of disaster.

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i use to have a great sony slr camera had to sell it after four years because of health, but u learn by trying the sky is too bright so its bad but morning and evening when the sun is not full makes great shots. I would take on any camera with that sony it wasnt cheap i paid $800 for it but i have some great photos of dallas with it. Take a look at consumer reports before u buy

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