What's a favorite memory of one of your grandparents?


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Wish I had one as my Grandparents on both sides passed away before I was born. I had my Uncle Jack, who taught me to fly and my Uncle Antone who taught me how to fish. Those are my best memories. Loved flying and loved fishing with Uncle Tony.

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My grandma on my Mom's side was one of the few people in my life who always loved me unconditionally.  She and I were really kindred spirits and I miss her so much.  My Mom (her daughter) and I were never really close ... So it meant so much to me that my grandma was there for me. 

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Dear HappyTwo,

My grandmother died when I was two...and she said her only regret was that I was too young to remember her.

But she handmade for me a double wedding ring quilt that Christmas, and so I have always tried to hold onto her memory.

* * *

This is a lovely question, acknowledging those who came before us... I thought Barb Cala and RC answers very poignant.

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Let's see here, my mothers father disowned his wife and children after she and the kids ran away with their chauffeur, so I never met him. I met my mothers mother once as a small kid before she went back to England to live the rest of her life.

My fathers dad died before I was born and his mother was a mean old, miserable German woman who demanded that kids sit on the settee and not move or speak. My favorite memory of her was the year that she made my father and I matching shirts for Christmas. He tore the buttons off and said "look, the old hag made us some polishing cloths for the car".

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He was a really cool Italian man, straight from Sicily. In his older years, he lost his command of English and only spoke Italian. We still had some great conversations. Even though I couldn't understand his language, I could still understand his gestures and emotions.
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πŸ’›Granny β€πŸ’–β€(mom's πŸ˜”mom) passed on her love of all people to me. She was an excellent cook, never used a recipe. OMG homemade sweet bread🍞 and biscuits, best in the world😊.

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She was a gooooood woman hundreds called her "Aunt Eula" as well. Took in every "stray mutt" LOL I know that where I got it from. Her heart, money, love and home was always open. She's still missed after all these years. Thank you😊
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❀️🌹❀️🌹❀️ my friend!
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For much of my childhood we lived with my maternal grandparents.  They were wonderful !!! Grandma was the world's best cook, and I was her "helper".  Grandpa was a railroad detective, but he spent most of his off hours in his workshop fixing and making things.  He made us a great car out of an old lawnmower.

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0. Since my dad's dad passed before i was born, my dad's mom passed when i was a baby. My mom's mom is still alive that im aware of but never met her, my mom's dad wasn't in my life but i know he passed in 2008 (i was 16 or 17 at the time)

the only grandma figure i had was my mum's elderly friend, she would take me to her sunday morning breakfasts sometimes and she would  tell the other seniors that i was her grandson and that she was proud of me, she would refer to my dad as her son. she was a nice lady and i do miss spending time with her her seniors breakfasts, and sometimes i would go over to her place just to hangout.

my mum hasn't spoken to her mom in 30+ years. (my mom's dad was a major alcoholic so she didn't bother with him but i did meet him a few times, saw a few photos of him from his younger days and he looked like Elvis)

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My fraternal grandfather died when my daddy was 18. His death profoundly changed my daddy, he was never the same. My fraternal grandmother died a few months after I was born, she did meet me and made me a quilt that I still have. They were dairy farmers in Hanford, California.

My maternal grandfather was a contractor. He was a former longshoreman who worked the docks of long beach. Until he got Alzeheimers he was a busy man. I never saw him much, he was always building houses, one of his last projects was his church. He was proud of that church.

My maternal grandmother was my world. She taught me everything. She loved me unconditionally. One of my funniest memories is her telling me the story of how a dessert she made for church potluck ended up in the intersection. She went back and rescued the dessert. It looked fine, so she served it. She got the case of the guilties, and called everyone who ate her dessert, to see if they had "sore stomachs". All of them!! To hear her imitating herself on the phone with her cronies was hilarious. I miss her dearly. In my family I am one of the only ones. That makes me sad sometimes.

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You are such a dear, sweet person. I love your heartfelt answers.

The story of her roadkill dessert is one for the ages! :*)

The world needs more people like her and you. ❀️
dragonfly forty-six
Thank you for your kind words, Happy. I really appreciate it. :))
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