how to start my own web hosting and domain selling business?


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If you are new to hosting business and has no knowledge about web hosting services and support, I would suggest you to check reseller hosting services. Here the web host will provide you full support.

If you can handle your clients on your own, then go for highly configured dedicated serves and start selling your server space on your own price.

For best Reseller hosting and dedicated hosting services I would suggest you to check , very affordable and highly configured.

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In my opinion, the easiest way is to contact a company that registers and manages hosting and domains. I can advise you Namecheap' services, check their website . It can really save you from problems at work, because in such situations it is better to seek the help of specialists who are really experienced and well versed in this sphere.

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When you decide to launch a new site, you will need to find a hosting company that will provide you with resources on the server. Your hosting provider stores all your files, resources and databases on a server. I chose services from Hostkey for myself. I received fully customizable business plans to improve the performance of my site and achieve my goals faster.

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I want to put my site on inexpensive hosting, but that it works steadily. Can you tell me which hosting provider to contact? Before that we used one provider for $7 per month. The minimum rate is as follows. But the quality of service is very low.

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Now a large number of hosting providers, so choosing a particular one is quite hard. It is necessary to understand that when choosing a hosting provider, look at his work. The uptime was high, the cost of tariffs was not high, as well as the characteristics of the servers were ok. You can order a hosting service from the hosting provider. My friends are constantly using the services of this company.

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