What are your thoughts on parents who treat a T-ball game for kids aged 4-6 like it was the seventh game of the Word Series? One father even threatened his daughter for doing somersaults in left field.


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I don't like parents like that! Let the kids be kids.....chances are no matter how hard you push them, they aren't going to line your pockets with money.

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Sad and a future generations of many unstable adults with mental health issues.  T-ball is just one issue the parents have.

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I think threatening a child is going too far, but shouting out to your child to get them to focus would be ok. If your child is old enough to be on a team, then he/she needs to learn they are playing for the whole team. That does not mean you have the right to berate, threaten, or harm the child in anyway. You kindly remind them to do their best.

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I always thought it was terrible. I remember when my sons played and there were parents griping at their kids to do better ! It's a shame they just can't let the kids have fun and enjoy the game ! I even saw Father once go and shake his kid for missing a fly ball. Horrible to me ! Let em play !

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Sadly, you find this behavior by parents at all stages. Over the years I've seen parents banned from games. Either by the referees or by the coaches themselves. It got so bad that before the season started there were conversations and warnings about sideline coaching.

Some parents are competitive, narcissistic, bullies, and perfectionists. They see their children as extensions of themselves, and their conduct is in direct correlation to their parenting. They are not children, they are mini me's. I would venture to say this is a newer parenting issue but it's nothing new, I remember my mother complaining that her mother wouldn't speak to her for a week because she didn't do well in a competition.

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its sad. Here in texas football is king the parents all raise cain about their son in the game

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