Has the Apple bubble finally burst? What will be their "next big thing"?


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Didge Doo answered

Back in the Windowless days when Microsoft users were still using DOS on IBM clones Apple had something really special. Their computers were so much more fun. They were expensive, but the people who owned them didn't mind paying for something so easy to use.

Since Microsoft got into the act, Apple have been slowly losing ground. I don't see them going down the gurgler like Sony did, when their ubiquitous Walkmans were surpassed by so many digital innovations and they failed to follow through, but Apple are likely to find either their sales or their prices dropping.

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Levi F. answered

The dominance of the iPhone has been the main source of Apple's "boom", and it's getting to the point where the iPhone is no longer everyone's smartphone of choice. Samsung and other Android phone manufacturers are beginning to take over the market.

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