Does anyone have any happy, exciting, or joyful memories from their child/teen years? I'm just curious, since I don't have that many, unfortunately. If you have any good memory(s) you know you'll never forget, share! I'd love to hear them!


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I don't really have any super joyful memories from when I was a teen but I have memories that make me laugh now :)  oh list time !!

- running away from home and living in a van until my mom called the cops when I was 13ish  .. The van was in our drive way but still .. I ran away.

- dying my hair black and watching my roots grow in light cos I'm naturally blonde so it looked like I was balding .. So I stripped all the dye out of my hair and it turned green so I had to cut it super short I got to write all my exams in a guidance office cos I whined and  I was just gonna die if any of my peers saw me like that , seriously devistating at the time ;)

- listening to nirvana in my bed room for hours with 3 dozen black candles burning and thinking I was sooo very deep :) lol :)

- at the age of sixteen finally losing it at home turning over our family Xmas tree and trashing all things Xmas  ( in all honesty with good reason that I will not get into  ) packing up all my clothes and leaving that house with only 57ish dollars in my pocket moving  province and starting a new life and finally being free.

All that stuff seemed awefull at the time but looking back I had some awesome teen years:) so those are joyful memories :) because they got me to where I am now  BAM !

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Yes! The day I was adopted. My parents said they liked me the best of the kids but I knew what was going on. After three roudy boys, they wanted an adorable little girl. Guilty as charged!! :D

While I was getting used to walking with a prosthetic leg, Shep, my German Shepherd, stayed at my side whenever he could to be sure nothing else happened to me. One time, the neighborhood jerks approached me while I was walking him. Shep didn't like what they were doing and went into beast mode. Showed his teeth, growled really loud. I think a few of them wet themselves as they ran away! Hilarious, lol!

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