Hi, I'm new to IT and would like to know some factors of considering of when selecting a hardware for an organisation?


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Your question is open ended.  There are literally hundreds of factors if not thousands depending on whether for home or business, area of IT you are interested in, size of the computer system, number of users, operating system, ...

I know you do not get much room to state what the situation is.  Respond to this answer and you can give a complete or much more complete description of the problem.

Some things to provide are:

What computer system are you working on (hardware)

What is the operating system

What type work would you be doing (network, programming, data entry, security, database management, ...)

How many users are on the computer concurrently

Data storage device types

Peripherals you expect to interact with

Software you expect to interact with

anything else you can think of to tell us such that we can answer without writing an answer literally as long as an encyclopedia set.

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