Opinions for website idea? I'm working on a site to let people create shopping lists and show them a list of stores for each product to choose who sells it at the best price, and how much money they save on their whole shopping trip.


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That sounds like a winner. I'd use it.

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If you get this site going, please let us know. You'd have a lot of supporters here on Blurtit.
Dylan Hill
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That's really good to know. I'm trying to keep it as low budget as possible, so it may be some time before its up and running.
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Best of luck with it.
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If you wanted to add another dimension to this, it should have a place to enter zip code, and maybe even proximity based grocery stores.

Keep in mind, this website will work best for Urban and Suburban areas where there is 2-4 grocery stores to choose from, sometimes relatively close to each other. Rural areas usually have to drive a ways just to get to just one.

It would be great that the site would divide the shopping list up for the user by store based on lowest prices but then shows you "Money Saved" by doing this. Users can use that number to offset and factor of additional fuel consumption should the 2-3 stores be some distance away from each other. Or you can add a side search for criteria based on "Show stores X miles away from each other".

You could actually get some funding from the stores themselves. Unless you wanted to remain unbiased, at which point you could get funding from the companies the produce the products . . .

It will be interesting how you set it up to pull from any "sale" databases to pull good numbers . . .

Good luck, I'd use it if the numbers are sound.

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That's almost exactly what I was thinking. I want them to be able to see how much money they saved on each trip, then how much they've saved total. If I can incorporate a way to have coupons that are available, I'd like to do that too.

It'd like it to be location based (I.e. Use location on your phone if you're using the app.) I also thought it would be nice if down the road, the money you saved built up points which could be used for little rewards and whatnot.
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And thank you for your response!
Darik Majoren
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You might be able to swing a deal for exclusive coupons on your site by the distributors. This would drive more traffic to your site . . more traffic equals more $$.
I notice that some apps that are free GPS, actually show you adds at stop lights . . . and then give you an option for directions to that deal briefly while the vehicle is still stopped . . .
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mmm, sounds great! Checkout this page http://www.webbuildersguide.com/ with website builders, maybe it will be useful for you ;)

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