Need help guys. I need new earphones. Trying to decide whether to go with Sol Republic or Sennheisers, must be $90 or under, have a mic and good bass and look nice. Anyone feel like helping me as I'm not an expert with earphones?


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I have always been a fan of skullcandy earbuds (with mic).

Comfortable, loud, good bass and usually around $15 -$25

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I have these Sol republics - they work and sound great. On sale now at Amazon.

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Don't know if you've had these or tried them but do you think that these'd be a good investment in? Just to experiment, see if I truly do like the brand so if I do, I'll one day upgrade to the ones you suggested.
Phineous J. Whoopee
I have a pair of those also - I got them free from points on my bank card. They sound good too, I just wanted bluetooth ones to wear at the gym, and at to wear while at work so I bought the air version. You will like them.

If you like the ear bud type, these sound great too:
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What earbuds you need varies on why you need them. If you want some earpieces to make sales calls then you need some extremely good noise cancellation ones, to listen to music in hi-fi sound there are many to choose from. Here's a roundup of best wireless earbuds of the moment.

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