How can I improve keywords rankings?


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To improve ranking of your website you will have to do seo of your website.Seo plays an important role to get website ranking.

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It is depending on keywords that what kind of keywords you have select your best keywords through google adwords. Then set your keywords in meta tags as competitors and set your content as quality work. After that focusing on SEO strategies. Which you learn through video tutorials e.t.c.

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By adopting SEO strategies you can get good keywords ranking.

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Try SEO strategies.

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There are five steps to improve your keyword ranking

1. Identify Your Target Keywords

2. Get Your On-Page Optimization Perfect

3. Develop Your Content Strategy

4. Attract High Quality Links

5. Monitor Performance & Continue to Optimize Your SEO Efforts

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Keyword ranking—where your site is ranked in search engines for a keyword—has a major impact on your Web traffic, lead generation, and conversions. Research shows that more than half of all search engine users click on a result on the first page, and the higher you rank on that SERP, the better off you are.

Most site owners have questions about how to improve keyword rankings, such as "How does my site rank for the keywords I'm targeting?" and "What keywords does my site rank for?"

Simple, free keyword ranking tools can answer those questions for you. And this keyword ranking data is good to know. But what you really want is to rank higher, beat competitor sites and drive more traffic!

For both organic SERP rankings and paid rankings using AdWords, a higher keyword rank can be achieved using keyword research tools, improving your keyword rankings by giving you more power over your keywords and what you do with them.

Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase used in a web page as compared to the total content available on that web page. In SEO term, webmasters calculate it to determine whether a web page is relevant to a specified topic.

In the early 90s, most of the webmaster used this trick to rank their website in the search engines in no time. But with the passage of time search engines restricted their policies to improve search results. In its Panda update, Google marked all those websites spam, those were using the same keyword multiple times. Using a keyword 4-5 times is natural. Most of the SEO experts recommend it's percentage lower than 3%. More than that percentage is over optimization.

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There are a lot's of the way to improve your keywords positions, if you want to improve your money keywords follow the following steps:

  • Build Quality Content
  • Follow Google SEO TOS
  • Focus on users interests
  • Make your website easier to load
  • Ad value to the users
  • Unique Design

Fast Loading Content

If you follow these steps then you will see the improvements in your organic SERPS and after the step you can check your keywords ranking using Google keyword rank checker on seo magnifer.

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you just focus on keyword backlinking with high-quality sites, we are running on Custom Boxes site and improving with backlinks.

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