What's the best thing about the internet? Solving arguments, streaming movies, downloading music, finding directions, shopping, reviews for everything, staying in touch with friends, learning stuff?


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I would say alittle bit of all of those. I would also like to add the connectivity of online gaming for interaction with new people. Mostly, though, I enjoy the streaming of movies/tv shows and downloading music.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I agree with Corey. A little of everything you said. Although I really don't care to solve arguments, I sure will if I can help in any way. Do a lot of shopping for things online though and you forgot playing online games with people around the world !

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Call me Z answered

I will say it's the ready, instant availability of information and human contact.

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For me it is the ability to obtain information on any subject, especially for medical issues.

Soon after I was married my husband and I moved to El Paso, TX from near Daytona Beach, FL. I didn't know a soul there and my husband barely knew his 3 co-workers. My husband looked like he was having a stroke. The whole left side of his face was sagging. After 14 hours at the ER we found out it was Bells Palsey and they sent us home with some basic instructions, and not a lot of information. This was back in the days of dial-up. I spent the better part of two days getting info on what to expect and how long it can last. (Which is really anyone's guess. Anywhere from 2 weeks to a lifetime, most around 6 weeks.) His was a short 4 weeks though you can still see it a tiny bit when he opens his mouth all the way.

Another time was with my dog. They told me he had anywhere from 1 day to at them most a month to live. After crying non-stop for 2 days and a trip to a second vet, I was told not to give up hope for a little more time than that, maybe 6 months, and if I was really lucky up to two years. I got online and started doing research as to what I could do to keep him happy and healthy. By adding supplements and limiting some of his jumping he lived another 20 months.

The pup I have now just went through surgery to have a cancerous tumor removed. Her second one in seven months. I have been online again looking for things I can do to help her fight getting anymore. 

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Skip  Gentry
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Good Luck to Arabella!
PJ Stein
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Thank you. She is recovering well. A little too well. She wants to play like she doesn't have stitches every where. (4 growths removed with 3 requiring stitches.)
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The best thing about the internet is the availability of news articles to read. A close second is the ability to shop from home at a multitude of online retail websites.

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Wes Collins answered

In my
opinion, Internet is a great tool for doing almost anything. You can find there
any information you need, you can keep in touch with friends and family who may
be at a distance of thousands kilometers away. If you got lost the Internet may
be the only one way to find a direction back)) Thanks to the Internet you can
follow any news and releases, you can ask for advice or review, you can listen
to music and watch any movie you like. Also, playing games. And, obviously,
shopping – on the Internet you can by everything from your favorite pizza to
something really special like authentic Rolex watches. And you can shop
worldwide if you want, so there are totally no limits. You can even see what’s
happening somewhere in the other part of the world if there is a webcam))) But
as for me looking for information and shopping are the best things to do while
surfing the Internet.

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