my friend josh has this website question: Why Do I Get Borders On My Gradient and drop shadow Image Slice in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 when I don't add them?


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He says "I Have Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 And I need Help On making a .PNG Gradient With A drop Shadow Image Slice its 1px width by 55px height and My HTML Code And CSS Code that i coded It for seems to be alright and good and stuff but Every time i try to save it or export it out to code in my CSS File and Save it And Refresh My Browser to view it in It Always comes back with borders like blue or just borders on the top and bottom for some risen and And I Didn t Even add them to my image and I m Trying To Make My Own Website so i need some help on figuring out what to do if its something in my Photoshop Settings or if its just photoshop period or my Code..".

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