If you could give some advice to a TV character, who would you get in touch with? And what would you tell them?


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Ziva David, formerly of NCIS. I'd tell her that there is an old man in Pennsylvania that still has a crush on her and she should call him.

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Ancient Hippy
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I'll have to see if it's available on On Demand.
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This was actually all I could find about her since NCIS
"In January 2014 it was announced that de Pablo had been cast in the film The 33, about the 2010 Copiapó mining accident, as the wife of one of the miners.[17] She has also been cast in a 2015 CBS miniseries, titled The Dovekeepers, based on the Alice Hoffman novel.[18]"
From the Wiki.
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I'm sure that she was paid very well for her NCIS stint. If it were me, I'd be relaxing somewhere enjoying my money.
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I would get in touch with Jack Bauer, however he must be in Russian custody, but if i would reach him, not like a advise but i would tell him "To stick in what you always believed in, you never done nothing wrong, the only thing that you did was serving our country and saving innocent lives. 

By doing what's necessary to do to get the job done, nobody is above the law but that law sometimes makes the guilty to walk away, would give opportunity to those responsible for harming innocent lives to grow their plans and that law can't take information out in time to be able save the lives. 

Somehow it would shelter them instead. The law makes us better but sometimes we have to cross the line of this law because those people doesn't care about our agenda, they only care about their purpose and the only way to stop it is to behave just like them. 

Doing what it takes, if we have to touch them, treat them or torture them or take few lives to save hundreds or thousand of lives.  

You shouldn't regret a thing you've done in your life. The paths you chosen were the right ones. And anything that happened in your life including Teri's death to Rene's death, none of them been your fault"

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Jann Nikka
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Hi Tiger, me too. I read 24 may return without Kiefer.
Matt Radiance
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We need to wait and see, it depends how the story goes and what's happening, there's so many things that can happen and the way i see it, it could be even so exciting as a new chapter of 24. without Jack in scene but his name be on as it's story line.Tony, Kim,Chloe and some other has the chance to involve. also the important is, It's been Kiefer's decision himself to put the character away. however, he might change his mind later.
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@ Tiger, you're right. I first watched because of Kiefer and Mary Lynn.
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The show mom.  All the recovering addicts alcoholics they make the show funny but I have seen too many people relapse and overdose and die

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I'd love to slap McGee up the back of the head and say, "Listen, Elf Lord, you're an intelligent guy. You've got degrees up the wahzoo. Why don;t you stop taking the bait every time DiNozzo sets you up?"

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Spencer Hastings (pll) you guys should really have told the police as soon as you got messages from A. Would have resolved many problems.

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