Any other type of attack than melee and ranged or at least something that is not exactly one of the two?


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alright... I thought this out:

say you have a game with multiple "layers of reality" and one enemy is standing at coördinate 4,2 and another enemy in another layer at the same coördinate. And you cast an attack spell through all layers of reality on said coördinate. THERE YA GO! NEW TYPE OF ATTACK BABY!

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Daan Scatozza
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unless you stand on s, meaning you're actually standing IN the other enemies. ranged = across space, xyz, spell = across reality. if the layers have no distance but only less interactibility. meaning that would be a "cross interactive" attack. like the other layers being ghostly images clipping through the one you're in unless you switch to them. but it is vpossible to use "cross layer swords" and "cross layer bows/guns" so it isn't a third in that it isn't the same category, but at least it's something.
Walt O'Reagun
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"ranged attack" just means the target is out of melee distance. Across distance or planes, doesn't matter.
Daan Scatozza
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... oh ...
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Those are the only 2 types of DIRECT attack.

Melee = "hand to hand"

Ranged = "from a distance"

An INDIRECT attack would be along the lines of landmines or boobytraps.

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