Have you ever asked the internet something you were too afraid to ask a person? If so please share that question or topic of inquiry.


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I wish I could answer Yes, but it just hasn't happened.

Even so, I've often asked questions on the Internet that I didn't have the opportunity to ask face-to-face. We meet so many people from so many countries and walks of life that it's a wonderful opportunity to broaden our horizons. One of the most valuable things I've gained from these Q&A sites is an understanding of ordinary Americans. We learn about the American way of life from books, movies, news reports and so on, but there were so many on Ask (and here) that my perception improved.

And Canadians! Wow! Only the other day I learned from a friend in the frozen north (Hi, Teach) that Canadians aren't born in the usual way: They are hatched. Lookit this:

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