Do you have a separate email for personal use and one for business? I had to make a separate one to talk to my other college classmates, why? My first one was too embarrassing > .<


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Roy Lovett Profile
Roy Lovett answered

I have two emails, one for college and the other for personal use. I didn't like trying to get work sent to me with Tumblr notifications mixed in between. It's much easier and cleaner too ^^ More... Organized :D

Nice Girl Profile
Nice Girl answered

Yes I do! One with my real name and one like a simple one! You know you cant risk to give net friends your real one! I use my real one for my class work , my school group assignments and simple one for Internet or for YouTube or logging into sites etc!

Benjamin Coleman Profile

Yes. I can't imagine any prospective employers would be impressed if I used my personal email address to apply for jobs.

Charles Davis Profile
Charles Davis answered

Yes, the company I work for issued one for me, and I have one have for personal stuff. Hey! I don't want them seeing my porn!! Just kidding, I'm too old for that stuff.

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