Do you consider it rude if you are talking with someone on Skype or texting and you say something to them and they never say anything back ? Like, just leaving you hanging there?


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Yes, I do. It's bad manners, and I think I raised myself better than that. I have a pact with someone though that we can leave each other hanging like that, but we both agreed to it before hand. Sometimes we just don't want to talk anymore. If I get like that with others I try to just be honest. I'll say, "I've got to go!" Or Ttyl. No reason to not say SOMETHING!

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Depends on what you say.

I've had people say things to me in text, that were so "off the wall" I had no idea how to respond to ... So I chose to ignore it completely.

But I would do the same thing if we were talking in person ... And have.

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Yes, I do. It is so rude and bad manners.

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Sure it's rude, it called "ignorance" & i don't really like it. Cause there's no reason to leave people waiting for no reason or keep them in darkness about what happening.

(Those who do that while they going somewhere for a short time)

"I'll be back" "Give me a second" "I have to go for few minutes, i'll message when i get back" "I'll be here soon again" "Excuse me for minutes" "I'm gonna have to get back to you in few minutes"

(Those that makes you awkwardly hang in there because they have no comment about what you said)

"I don't know what to say" "I have no idea what to replay" "i don't really know what should i say right now" "Sorry but i just don't have any answer" "I have nothing to say about it" "I have no comment to be honest"

A thousand of words, paragraphs & expression to inform the person about anything that you think,do & feel. But there's no reason to keep the person awkwardly to hang in there. I hate that! But i got used to that as well, some people do that whether online or none online. People suddenly say nothing or they simply attention on something else & get back to you again during conversions. I learnt that people can be like that & i have to deal with it as much as i can.

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It does. I hate being ignored during a conversation. However, in this day and age, everyone seems to have an attention span of a nano-second; something new captures their attention and off they go!

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I don't skype but texting, yes. I tend to just stick to basic instructions of meeting up, because a lot of confusion can stem from texting as you loose the emotion behind what is being said. If I telephone then I know what is going on for that person, and whether others are there or not, or if they are feeling stressed. My cousins son (age 2) rings me quite a bit now when he gets his mums phone, and I hear everything that is going on at her house. Then I text her that her 2 year old has her phone, or sometimes just text her what I've heard to see if she falls in but it doesn't always sink in. Yesterday I answered and my cousin was repeatedly shouting "Where's your dinner?" So I texted her "Where's your dinner?" And she replied "nutter." So...

Anyway, I found these earlier which made me chuckle:-


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Thank you Rooster, I've been enjoying watching the flyover's and displays of the Spitfires and Hurricanes for the 75th anniversary of the worst days of fighting in the Battle Of Britain.
Certainly emotional listening to the stories of both men and women. We've had them fly over the areas that where most hit, mine was one, had a mustang flyover too. Can be quite haunting and awesome that sound.

I had areal good laugh the other night HappyToBeHereToo, some really funnny threads off that site.
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Funny you should say that. I was flying a Spitfire today and shot down four HE-111 German bombers heading for Norwich. Beta-testing a new Battle of Britain game. I'm trying to acquire a PBY Catalina at this present time. In good shape too.
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That tickled me, :D I wondered where that was going. Sounds like fun.
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Yes! Oooh I found it to be one of my pet peeves actually.

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