Why is it that when people text you, asking to do something and then after you reply, THEY TAKE DAYS TO REPLY TO YOU??? It's so annoying! Why do people do that?


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Sometimes I take ages to reply to messages when I'm undecided. Instead of saying yes or no and then changing my mind later, I try to only reply once I know for sure whether I can commit to something.

For example, if someone messages me asking whether I wanted to go out after work, I might not reply until I knew for sure that I'd be able to make it. I can see how it might be annoying waiting for a reply though...but sometimes I feel like it'd be even more annoying if someone said they would do something, then text back later in the day saying there was a change of plan.

Could the same thing be happening with you?

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Chewed Bubblegum
Chewed Bubblegum commented
but even a "I'm not sure right now" would be nice! They read my message and they never respond!
Mollie James
Mollie James commented
I agree with Bubblegum, and yes, one simple "i am not sure yet" is more than enough.
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I found that people who do that have usually sent out a bunch of other inquiries to other people. When most weigh in THEN they decide who they want to make plans with.

Also I think some people are very last minute. They like to firm up plans only hours before.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

That's a hard one for me ! I solved it by never texting anyone. Saves a lot of problems that way. Encounter it once in a while on Skype but not very often. Some people are just forgetful or a little rude with returning texts. I'll pass.

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I don't understand the reasoning behind texting. Why not just call the person on the phone (same number, just talk rather than type)?  But, maybe that because I am old and can't get with it :)

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