The UK is to test wireless charging of electric cars, so more people can travel in electric cars, thus reduce emissions. But how does the UK generate electricity? Won't the emissions of the power plants go up?


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Great question. I'd also be interested in how much pollution is produced in the manufacture of the batteries as well as the disposal of them.

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That could be catastrophic. Don't magnetic fields have adverse effects on cell phones and computers too?
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Only sudden changes and high energy fields, this would not affect them.
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I'm sure they have something in place to solve the nail and screw problem too.
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I'm pretty sure that it's not that much of a problem if government starts to think about it, I just doubt that people will actually start buying electric cars. Personally, I don't own a car, I just rent them from time to time with Exotic Car Rentals Miami, but I understand that some people just can't live without a car, and it'll take a while when there will be as many charging stations as gas ones.

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