Do any of you role play?


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Obviously, Love *winks*

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For a large game of airsoft (150 people were there that day) we were split into two factions, each representing a nation. We each held our "elections" and determined our government leaderships: Three government officials, the national leader, and two generals. These officials determined the strategies used during battle to win. The rest of us were the military. The objective was to destroy each others nations by either taking certain key points of the battlefield (determined by administrators of the game) or by assassinating the enemy leadership. 

Points were given for the positions held and/or leaders killed. More points were given to high priority targets. The nation with the most points at the end of the battle won. My team won thanks to the heroic efforts of myself and two other of my teammates that I lead into battle. Good luck to you!

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I have cosplayed in the past to anime conventions as L but the only role playing I regular do is at school with this game we thought of called wine or cheese were you are asked the question then depending on the answer you are in a setting with ether wine or cheese. The end results are always crazy and seem to deter from the original context eg the end of one game had me dying after knowing homestuck spoilers causing my head to explode 1 friend getting stock home syndrome to a gorrila that captured him another friend dying from an attempt to distract said gorrila only to die of embarrassment from failing and another friend thendying of sudden diabetes with another friend dying after eating another persons corpse only to forget how to eat such a large thing and just trying to shove the entire body down their throat splitting them in half in the process. Btw wine cheese has to end with all participants dying execpt from the original person who questioned you. He or she has to set up all the scenarios for the future situations for everything that occurs they also don't put themselves in the game ,

Another game we play is over skype it's called dungeons and dragons Ms paint edition since it was done it a homestuck / ms paint adventures convention which we're all fans of its just a crazy situation drawn on ms paint like for example you and the other players are stuck on a boat what does one player do then for what they said it now must be drawn on the original image it's a really fun game and this time the head guy who first comes up with the situation can be a player in the game .

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