Anyone on here from


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Yes, Asker of 4 years.

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I'm not, no. I came from Sodahead because they kicked everyone off a couple of weeks ago (they sold out to other corporations like Fox News, they are now strictly a polling site for News companies)

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I was for about a year. The demise of the ask community cause me to seek out a new community to which I may pledge my allegiance. From what I have seen in my short time here on Blurtit, this site is 10x the site that ASK will never be. The community is better, the mods are friendlier, and there are more ways to interact with other people. I don't think I'd go back to ASK if they reopened the community. Best of luck to you.

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Me, me, me. I'm raising my hand as I type this.

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I was 4palmz.

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Four Palmz
Four Palmz commented
So glad to hear from you!!! I didn't think of spelling it out. You always helped when I needed it.
kaesie grace
kaesie grace commented
Aww Thankyou! Glad to help. So happy to see you:-)
kaesie grace
kaesie grace commented
I'm a little rusty over here...I read through, but I haven't posted in a looong time. I had to respond to you though cuz I missed ya!!
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I'm here from ask. They thrown us away from our beds so most looked for A new place to settle & we found here.

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