I heard that Amazon is going to start paying normal people to help deliver packages on their way to work etc... What do you think about that? Would you do it? How would you feel as an Amazon customer?


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I use Amazon quite a bit. I don't know if I like that or not. The person would have to be bonded and insured in case something happened, like an accident or car being broken into and packages stolen. No I think I like when Fed Ex, USPS or UPS delivers my goods. I especially like that Amazon delivers on Sundays. If Amazon did go that way I might have to look into an alternative site...

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I also use Amazon a lot and I don't think I would like that at all. Plus they would probably raise their shipping rates. Sometimes I buy used books for about ten cents and how are they going to make any profit paying people to deliver it. No, I'm totally against that idea.

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Nope ... Never gonna happen.

For one important reason ... Amazon would have to put those people on as employees.  And have to track their hours, and if they delivered more than 30 hours/week (on average) - Amazon would have to treat them as benefited employees.

And I bet Amazon employees also have a union.  So there's all that goes with dealing with more union employees.

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DDX Project
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I don't think you guys understand what independent contractors are. This is an on demand job. You pick your shift in blocks of 2-8 hours. You don't HAVE to work, But you COULD if you want the money.

Also Amazon employees do not have unions. They're highly paid, highly compensated. Even the underachieving wage earners at the distribution centers. At the main company, my nephew was hired out of college for $105k base salary + $20k cash relocation bonus + $100K stock bonus vested for 4 years. With all the extra perks, there's really no need for unions for these jobs.
Walt O'Reagun
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Under the labor laws of Oregon and Washington, they WOULD be employees. It doesn't matter if you pick your shift. It's similar to piece-work, in that way.
DDX Project
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Its going on Seattle right now. They're considered as contractors.
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I feel like that's a great idea. I mean, do you prefer automation or a chance for college students to make extra cash on the side? I have trust that anything Amazon puts out has been thought through extensively. I expect the best from Amazon compared to all the shitty minimum wage businesses that will probably die off in the next decade.  I use Amazon Fresh occasionally, and it's absolutely fantastic.

I use Uber often when I'm hanging out in SF. It's pretty much the same deal. People should be more trusting of each other.

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