What Is Sap?


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Sap is generally considered to be the fluid substance that is found inside the phloem of a plant. Its main function is to supply or circulate food and water to the rest of the plant.

Sap is also used to prepare some kind of syrup. For example, the sap that is generally extracted from a maple tree is used in the preparation of maple syrup. Sap from the rubber trees is generally used to prepare latex; this is later sent into a process known as vukcanisation, which helps to prepare rubber. Sap is also used to preserve different kinds of insects that existed in early days. Some of the other trees plants that fall under the category of non-tree plants also have some kind of sap in it, such as, euphorbias (including poinsettias) and milkweeds.
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System application and products in data processing and in the year 1972 five ibm employees started to develop it
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SAP is the name of the company founded in 1972.
SAP trans for systems applications and products in data processing. SAP is the leading ERP package.
SAP is founded by 4 former IBM peoples.

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