I play the popular iPhone game, Subway Surfers all the time, but I am trying to unlock some of the limited characters. I only have 50000 coins, though. Anyone have a strategy for quick star coins?


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Just keep playing and concentrate on playing the actual game and collecting as many coins as possible. Before you know it, you'll have lots of coins. If you can, connect to Facebook, watch ads if they have them, complete tasks. :) good luck!

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Ethan Baker
Ethan Baker commented
Just a second ago, I got a run with a thousand coins AND a Super Mystery Box. Unfortunately, I got Yutani's UFO. I don't like Yutani.
Manana Anon
Manana Anon commented
oh :( ahaha When I played the game, I didnt get that far hehe
Awesome  Autumn
Awesome Autumn commented
My highscore for that game is 2 million, the most coins I've collected in one run is 7,000

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