Give me some tips about the Flappy bird game?


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Sara Lewis answered

My tips for Flappy Bird are as follows: Don't download it! It is the most frustrating game I've ever played, but so addictive!

Should you not take my advice and continue to play, here are my top tips about how to succeed:

  • Practice. Okay, not the most ground breaking or exciting advice, but it's not the sort of game that you'll improve at unless you play lots. And I mean, lots. As much as you hope you might wake up one morning and be infinitely more skilled, with lightening quick fingers... It won't happen.
  • Remove all cases or screen covers. This actually is a practical tip. Your phone screen is most sensitive without anything covering it, so if you're serious about rocking flappy bird, you might want to remove your screen protector.
  • Lightly does it.... Swift, short taps are the key to remaining in control.
  • Take breaks. I defy you to play flappy bird and not get frustrated, so ensure you take regular breaks so you don't drive yourself mad. A fresh mind is key.

Andrea Leon Profile
Andrea Leon answered

It is a game from hell and I have no idea how to beat Satan. If you do find tips though, I'll owe you forever.

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mary alderman answered
Most people proudly display their flappy bird scores on social media, and the majority of these numbers sit in the 15-40 range.

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