How do you promote a WordPress extension?


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There are a couple of ways to promote a WordPress extension after you've submitted it, and I'll outline them in better detail below.

Creating an instructions page

  • Your first stop to WordPress extension promotion is to make sure that you've created an instructions page on your own website.
  • This page should be easy to read for newcomers, and provide clear and detailed instructions on how to install and use your WordPress extension.
  • You should also provide information about any updates on this page, so people can see what's going on with the extension at all times.
  • Make sure that you consider basic search engine optimisation techniques so people will find your page more easily.  Use keywords that you believe people will search for when looking for a WordPress extension like yours.

Add your WordPress extension to the WordPress Directory

  • You should submit your extension to the WordPress Directory to allow users to search for it directly.  You can find the WordPress Directory by clicking here.

Use relevant tags and promote via social media

  • Using tags that people will actually search for is really important.  Think carefully about the words, tags, hashtags etc. That you use to promote your WordPress extension. 
  • Connect with users via social media platforms to announce your extension, and make use of the search function to locate users that may be interested in what your extension has to offer.

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