Cheats of snake Xenzia game?


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Phil Newton answered

There aren't many cheats for the Snake Xenzia game, but there is one that makes it much easier to progress and get a high score.  Here's how to do it.

  1. Start a new game.  You will notice that there's a wall around the game screen.  Our aim is to remove this so you can go through the walls, making it easier not to lose.
  2. Pause the game.
  3. Select "Game Options" and click on "Campaign" again.
  4. Now close the game down entirely.
  5. Reopen the game and press "Continue".  You should now notice that the wall around the game screen is no longer there. 
  6. You will need to repeat the above steps for every level, but you'll be pleased to know that your score will continue to add up each time you do it.

It's not much of a cheat, and is a little time consuming to perform since you've got to go through the process for every level, but it is a cheat, and it will help you to advance through Snake Xenzia more easily.

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